Catherine worked tirelessly, was unrelenting, diligent and worked hard; finding witnesses to my statements, getting doctor and family statements and doctor’s reports stating the nature of my diagnosis. After nearly 6 years, and Catherine’s commitment, my case was won! The VA granted my appeal and I was rated 70% disability with 100% unemployability. Catherine worked tirelessly, was very supportive during recalling pertinent details and always had an encouraging word when I found it difficult to cope, I highly recommend her for you or anyone trying to get help from the VA. If not for Catherine I know I would never have gotten a settlement and a positive outcome to this illness I am plagued with for the rest of my life. Contact her at The Veterans Practice. -Tom K., 4th Missile Command, Korea

“After 14 years of trying and failing to get a claim through the V.A., I finally appealed the 3rd and 4th denial. With help from local VFW service reps, I actually thought I was getting somewhere. Wrong!!! I waited over two years for the decision on the appeal, and when it was decision time, the case went into limbo, again, for another year. Nothing. Finally, I was persuaded to call Catherine Cornell at The Veterans Practice.  As soon as I explained my case to Catherine, she told me that she would look into my claim. Six months later — I received my 50% rating and back pay. 15 months after that, I got my 100% rating and back pay.  Now, six years down the line, I live in my little piece of heaven, and get my 100% every month, all thanks to Catherine and The Veterans Practice. Without her, I’d still be waiting to hear about my appeal!” -Barry S.

“My older brother served 2 years in Vietnam in the late 60’s, and it had a debilitating effect on him. As years passed, his PTSD worsened — to the point of him having difficulty holding onto jobs and fitting in with society. I was seriously worried about him and his survival. He had no answers from the V.A., letters to Congress didn’t help either. So, I reached out to a friend that had also served our country about the same time — he recommended Catherine Cornell. Catherine was empathetic and professional from start. I assisted her in my brother’s claim, but Catherine did all the heavy lifting. Her perseverance and experience helped save my brother. Today, he’s a happy, content, veteran who is at peace in his world.”  -Jerry S.

Catherine will tell you the truth on how to go about doing your appeal. I had been fighting the military for years to get a favorable decision on my case. If it wasn’t for my attorney Catherine Cornell I would probably still be in the same boat. I was so happy that I am now service connected for the rest of my life. I owe it all to my attorney for helping go about my case. If anyone out there need an outstanding lawyer to represent you I approve my attorney Catherine Cornell. Thank you so much.” -Sgt. A. Thompson Combat Engr.

“The moment I spoke with Catherine Cornell, I immediately sensed her passion to help Veterans. I was rated a 0% service connection at the time of my medical discharge. I appealed for years for an increase. I walked into my local Vet Center and saw Catherine’s flyer. I was hesitant at first but I am beyond glad that I made that call. Miraculously, Catherine was able to get my disability rating increased from 0% to 80% and a considerable amount of retro! That wasn’t the best part – she discovered evidence that no one else ever did. That discovery resulted in an apology from the U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs after 20 years. Catherine’s dedication and commitment to Veterans is beyond measurable” –AC

“To all veterans who are applying for or waiting for information regarding your benefits. I strongly recommend Catherine Cornell at The Veterans Practice. Catherine helped my father, a WW 2 veteran, apply for and receive benefits he did not know he was eligible for. Don’t be the victim of poor information from the VA. I urge all veterans to use a professional in the area of veterans rights to help you get the services and benefits you earned. Please contact catherine@veteranspractice.com. It’s your right.”    -A. Katznelson

 “Veterans Practice has made all the difference for us. We tried to deal with the VA on our own using all of the forms required. That did not work, was extremely frustrating, and it would have taken full time just to continue the follow up. It shouldn’t be that way but it is. Catherine and her staff turned what we couldn’t do in over a year to getting approved for the needed medical pension assistance for our dad. Thanks Veterans Practice.” –Gene Ridge

 “I was very fortunate to have found Attorney Catherine Cornell. After I exhausted all of my appeals Catherine was successful in my case and claim. She guided me with confidence and reassurance. She always exhibited the highest professionalism. Catherine answered every question and was well versed on all the issues pertaining to the Veterans Administration. She was a success in my case and I would recommend her highly”.  -Respectfully, Brian A. US Army, Vietnam 65-66 MACV 39th Battalion

 “Catherine is a superb attorney, one that actually cares about her clients. She had nothing but my best interests at heart during my lengthy VA appeal for which she obtained a favorable verdict. I STRONGLY recommend her to anyone who needs an advocate. –Stephen

 “Thanks for the excellent pro bono representation you provided in 2010, handling a veterans appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We are grateful for your participation in our program.” -The Veterans Pro Bono Consortium